Sunday, August 4, 2013

My e-Textbook is Now Available for Purchase

Hi all,

The 2nd edition of my e-textbook is now available for purchase.  This is the e-textbook I use in my Biomechanics classes.  It presents all of my ideas and examples for how I believe Biomechanics explains and can be used to improve movement.  Here are links to the Table of Contents and a sample section from Chapter 2: Real-World Biomechanics Chapter 2.1.  If you would like to purchase my e-textbook, click on the PayPal link under the heading "Purchase Dr. Kao's e-Textbook".

Once you complete your purchase on PayPal, I will contact you.  The e-textbook is security protected, so you will need a one-time activation code for the PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device you want to install the e-textbook on. You won't be able to "copy and paste" or "print" the text.  But, I will send you copies of the Biomechanical Models for each movements presented in the e-textbook.  You can print these out and refer to them as you read the e-textbook.

Thank you for following my blog.  I think you will find my e-textbook very informative.

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